Sunday, 12 May 2013

WTF Herbal Incense Review

Well readers I know you’ve probably been wondering about the new WTF Herbal Incense blends you may have seen. I received mine from The Herb Mine and found that it’s not the old stuff you’re used to, but this new aromatherapy herbal incense blend is good for a newer blend. I have found that when you want to collect one of these older herbal incense blends, I would go to the The Herb Mine, as they seem to have the best quality when it comes to these old yet new gems. As always, they are meant for aromatherapy and Not Meant for Human Consumption! All herbal  incense blends contain no banned chemicals! These WTF Herbal Incense blends are a new beast all on their own. When up and running, The Herb Mine's site and customer service are good, one of my favorite vendors. Now on to the reviews!
We will start off with WTF Herbal Incense Green 4g. My first thought was wow, what a good price, but is it too good to be true? Well no, it appears to be a great deal! I am greeted by the strange WTF Herbal Incense packaging picture we all know of an old guy on the toilet. I open the package hoping the aroma is close to what I expect. It turns out it is not quite what I was expecting, it has a nice spicy aroma but not the same as the old days. The quality of the herbs is pretty good. Considering the wood some blends contain, there are a few thin twigs but it’s not bad at all.
The WTF Herbal Incense Green 4 Gram pack comes stuffed with the blend, it’s very nicely filled. As I inspect the herbs, the aroma draws me in a little closer. The real test will be how it burns in my safe and legal incense burner in the old aromatherapy room. I decide to give WTF Herbal Incense Green 4g a real nice size pinch and place it in the burner. I sit back and await the relaxation this aroma hopefully brings. It only takes a few minutes for the aroma to begin taking effect on your space. The scent of WTF Herbal Incense Green is not a strong one, and it doesn’t smell good or bad, just kind of spicy. The relaxing effects are there. I was easily able to relax but not zombie relax, it was just enough to wind down a hard day and still get evening plans done, all while the aroma burned itself out, filling my space with its relaxing scent. I would say that the 4 gram amount in this pack will go a long way. It’s not like the old days, but this one will take care of your aroma needs at a nice price without the legal worries of old.
Aroma: 7/10
Quality: 8/10
Overall: 7/10
WTF Herbal Incense 4 Gram
WTF Herbal Incense 4 Gram


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